Ceiling Painting Services in Evansville

Interior Painting Services In Evansville

Customized Ceiling Painting

Interior paint extends beyond the walls and right onto the ceiling! Create a sleek aesthetic with clean lines that envelop all of the small details that only ceiling painting can cultivate!

Barta’s Affordable Painting in Evansville creates beautiful interior spaces that are warm and welcoming through a fresh coat of paint. Bring your room together with ceiling painting services today!

Why paint the ceiling?

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Get an updated aesthetic

less mess

Create illusions

(make a room look smaller or larger)

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Design something unique

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Forge a unified look

Don’t Overlook Your Ceiling!

When was the last time you considered painting your ceiling and added it to the list of home improvements? Ceilings are largely overlooked when it comes to interior painting projects, but there are so many benefits to painting your ceilings.

Barta’s Affordable Painting in Evansville is all about the details that help merge your interior style that brings a room together, which is why we provide ceiling painting services to homes and businesses alike.

Paint your ceilings with Barta’s Affordable Painting today!

Painted Ceilings Within Reach

Interior painting projects can be a hassle to begin with, and ceilings can be even more of a reach! There’s finding the perfectly sized ladder that won’t totally cause a neck crick and then the laborious hours of actually painting it — hoping that more paint gets on the ceiling and not you or the flooring!

Spare yourself the aches and pains and hire a professional painter at Barta’s Affordable painting!

The Fifth Wall

The ceiling is more than just a ceiling, it’s the fifth wall in a room — it plays just as important of a role when it comes to interior painting as the other walls. Create a crisp look and update any room when you paint the ceiling.

You can approach painting the ceiling by painting it white, leaning more traditional, or you can get creative and add colors and even texture. Painting the ceiling can add more dimension to a room through color — don’t be afraid to go dark. A darker color can actually open up a room!

Collaborate with Barta’s Affordable Painting to choose the perfect ceiling paint color.

Don’t Skip Painting Your Ceiling

Painting a ceiling can be a difficult task, one that many homeowners prefer to call a local professional painting company for. Whether you’re looking to freshen up a tired-looking room in your home or wanting to paint over unsightly watermarks or slight cracks, Barta’s Affordable Painting’s expert painters can help.

With over 10 years of painting experience, Barta’s Affordable Painting will provide you with a brand-new looking, enviable ceiling.


Brighten Up Your Space with Barta’s Affordable Painting

If it’s been years (or never) since you have added a fresh coat of paint to your ceilings, you’re going to love the way a professional paint service can quickly improve any room in your home. Ceiling painting will brighten up any room and go a long way in making it look fresh and new. Whether you want a flat, fresh white color or you’re looking for a bold, splash of color, Barta’s Affordable Painting’s professional painters will work with you to choose the perfect paint color for you.

What’s more, if you have smokers in the house or a fireplace, you may have staining from soot that has discolored your ceiling over time. Barta’s Affordable Painting can prime over those stains before applying a fresh coat of long-lasting paint, making your ceiling bright and clean-looking once again!


Barta’s Affordable Painting’s Ceiling Painting Pros

The skilled painters at Barta’s Affordable Painting understand that a perfect paint job all begins with proper prep. We make sure that all surfaces are thoroughly prepared before any interior or exterior painting job.

  • First, we will remove any old, flaking paint and clean any dirty areas.
  • Then, we will fill in any dents or cracking and sand rough areas.
    • If there are any stains on the ceiling, we will apply a concealing primer that won’t allow the staining to bleed through.
  • Lastly, after properly protecting your flooring and furnishings, we’ll apply quality ceiling paint to create a long-lasting ceiling finish.

Prioritize Your Ceilings Today!

Give your ceilings the attention they deserve with ceiling painting services from Barta’s Affordable Painting in Evansville. Freshen up your ceiling with a new coat of paint from the painting professionals with over a decade of experience.